Custom Arrangements and Orchestrations

So you're a busy church music director with a small group of high school
musicians who could really add to your Christmas Eve service.  The
trouble is they don't play the right combination of instruments to use any
available commercial arrangements.  What do you do?  Contact us!  For
not much more than the price of a decent arrangement off the shelf, you
can have a custom arrangement that makes the most of the instruments
you have!  Clarinet player a little weak?  No problem.  Trumpet player
can't hit anything above an "E"?  We can work with that.  Need a hymn
arrangement for four flutes and a tenor sax?  Just say when you need it!

We can supply you with everything from a solo descant to a full
Small Groups
Brass Quartets/Quintets
Wind Ensembles
Mixed Ensembles

Original pieces of music are frequently commissioned to mark special
occasions in the life of a congregation, such as the retirement of a
long-time pastor or the 10th anniversary of the music director.
Sometimes works are written in honor of a wedding anniversary, for the
dedication of a new church facility, or to memorialize a loved one.   
Whatever the event, Ben Legett is happy to work with groups or
individuals wishing to commission an original choral work.  Texts, sacred
or secular, are chosen by mutual agreement as are the performance
resources, length, and complexity.  Please feel free to email us with
questions or to arrange a telephone conference to discuss your project.