About The Choir Loft

The Choir Loft was created to supply ordinary choir directors with the
tools they need to make great music under real-life conditions with
real-life singers.

  • Our compositions bridge the gap between music that is too-hard-
    over-the-top and the stuff that sounds like it was stamped out in
    an anthem factory.  Ben's music is written for ordinary  choirs
    who enjoy an appropriate challenge now and then.  

  • The Rehearsal Guides help conductors save valuable rehearsal
    time by pointing out the problem spots and offering suggestions
    for teaching the music.  

  • Our Custom Arranging service allows music directors to fully use
    the unique instrumental resources they have at hand.  We can
    quickly transpose a solo to keep your star soprano happy; write
    out instrumental parts for a couple of Christmas carols; or arrange
    a fully orchestrated offertory on your favorite melody.

We hope you find what you need in The Choir Loft.  If not, please let
us know and we'll see what we can do.
About Us
About Ben J. Legett

Ben has a Bachelor of Music degree
from Rhodes College and a M.M.
degree in Composition from the
University of Memphis.  As Founder and
Director of the Wolf River Singers and
a director of church choirs for over 30
years, Ben is keenly aware of the
real-life challenges that choral
conductors face every day and is happy
to join you in making a joyful noise.