Title: Visions of Heaven: A Shaker Tryptych                        $2.95
Performance Requirements: SATB chorus divisi, sop and tenor soli
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Samuel Hooser, Richard McNemar, and Eunice Wyeth
Length: 10'00"
Difficulty (1-5): 3
Range: sop a-f2, alto f-c2 , tenor c-a1, bass F-d1
Usage: General sacred, heaven

Rehearsal Guide: Being a tryptych, this work is actually three pieces in succession and
can be thought of and rehearsed that way. In all three sections, the choir must learn the
tune first, as the melodies contain some unexpected turns and intervals.  Teach each
tune to the whole group at once, since the melodies get tossed from part to part

In part one, "Heavenly Feast", the trickiest part begins in measure 42, where a
faux-bourdon style harmonization will take a little extra work in the alto and tenor
voices.  Measures 77 to 92 are a repeat of the harmonization in measures 10 to 25 and
are very easy.

"Ezekiel's Vision" is the subject of part two, which begins with a "spinning wheel" motif
in the soprano and tenor. Tackle this as soon as everyone knows the melody.  This figure
continues as the altos introduce the melody.  The sopranos take over the tune until
measure 113, when the men and women sing in canon (a round).  Point out to the men
that their note value in measure 120 is double what it was when the women sang it in
119.  Beginning in measure 129, the altos, tenors, and basses sing a three-note ostinato
pattern against the soprano melody, before we bring back the harmonization that starts
in measure 105.

The last part of the tryptych features the hymn "The Humble Heart".  The opening
harmonization is quite straightforward and will be repeated starting in measure 218.  
The men's chorus at measure 200 can be rehearsed separately, as can the women's verse
at measure 182.  
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