Title: Still, Still, Still                                    $1.75
Performance Requirements: Unison treble chorus
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Traditional
Length: 2'25"
Difficulty (1-5): 1
Range: c#1 - d2
Usage: Christmas

 NOTE:  With any order of 20 or more copies, the full score, string parts,
and piano performance part are included at no extra charge.

Rehearsal Guide: This familiar Austrian carol is equally effective when
performed by children's choir or women's chorus, and the string parts can
be covered nicely by a string quartet.  The string parts are easy enough
for student players, as is the separate piano part.  The second verse could
be sung as a solo to provide some contrast.

For best results, rehearse the instrumentalists and the singers separately
before putting them together.  For the singers, encourage smooth lines,
good support, and bright ascending intervals.  Ask them to "raise their
eyebrows" as they sing the opening two measures of each verse.  This will
help raise the pitch and brighten the intervals.  Also ask for "long vowel
sounds" to help with the legato.