Title: Sing Unto Him                                                  $1.65
Performance requirements: Two-part chorus and keyboard
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Ben J. Legett
Length: 2’00”
Difficulty (1-5): 3
Ranges: c1-f2
Usage: General sacred

Rehearsal Guide: This is a joyful, upbeat anthem for any combination of voices,
from children through adults.  There is one short divisi passage for Choir 1, but all
that is required is for a few voices to sustain one pitch while the others sing the
descending melody.  The text sounds like the Psalms at first, but proves to be
contemporary and relevant as the piece progresses.  The accompaniment would
work equally well on organ or piano.

Begin by having Choir 2 say the words in rhythm, echoing you if necessary, from
measure 1 to measure 8.  The scale patterned pitches should not be a problem
here.  The main melody (starting in measure 12) is in unison and is just repetitive
enough to give the singers some confidence.  It is rather angular, however, so
allow time to cement those pitches right from the beginning to avoid muddiness
later on.
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