Title: Silent Night, score and string parts              $9.95
Performance requirements: chorus and/or congregation,
string quartet or ensemble, optional keyboard
Composer: Ben J. Legett        
Text: Joseph Mohr; tr. John Young
Length: 4'30"
Difficulty (1- 5): 1
Usage: Christmas

Rehearsal Guide: This accompaniment to Silent Night was
written as an "expander" to cover the longer portions of a
Christmas Eve service or Midnight Mass: candle-lighting or
communion, for example.  The choir sings the traditional
setting of the familiar carol right out of the hymnal in
parts or in unison.  You can add organ or piano as needed
and ask the congregation to sing along if you like.  In
between the verses, the strings play variations on the
melody.  They also have the four-part harmonization
written out, so they can accompany one or more verses
instead of the keyboard.  This piece would work quite
well with children's choir or treble voices with the strings.