Title: The Seven Joys of Mary                                 $1.95
Performance requirements: SATB, S or T solo, strings
Composer: Ben J. Legett        
Text: Traditional English
Length: 4'15”
Difficulty (1- 5): 3
Ranges: sop d1-e2; alto b-c#2; tenor d-f#1; bass G-c#1
Usage: Christmas, Marian feasts   Parts and Full Score:  $9.95

Rehearsal Guide: Paralleling the numerical progression of the first four verses,
the music grows from women in unison, through two-part women, three-part
men, and four-part mixed voices, all in G major and 6/8 meter.  The fifth verse
features a soprano soloist (a tenor could be used instead) in a 5/8 variation.  
Verse six speaks of Jesus' death and is so is set in G  minor.  The last verse moves
up to A major for the big finish.
The chorus parts include a rehearsal-only piano part, but the piece is intended
for string accompaniment.

Since the work is naturally divided up into seven verses, it can easily be
rehearsed in any order.  Women, men, soloist, and strings can be rehearsed
separately.  Only verses four,  six, and seven employ SATB and strings together.

Begin by teaching sopranos, altos, and tenors the simple melody.  Next, altos
should learn verse two, while basses (divided) learn verse three.  While you're
working with the basses, go over their line in verse seven.  In the four-part
sections, measures 110-113 comprise the only challenging passage.
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