Title: Remembrance                                                  $1.50
Performance requirements: SATB chorus
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Anne Home Hunter (1742-1821)
Length: 2’00”
Difficulty (1-5): 3
Ranges: sop c#1-e2, alto a-a1, tenor B-e1, bass F#-e1
Usage: Secular, love song

Rehearsal Guide: The English poet Anne Home Hunter has been re-discovered of late
and this text is a fine example of why her early Romantic style is so appealing.  Nature
themes and strong visual references pervade this lament for an absent lover.  
Sopranos sing the melody while the lower voices create their own faux-instrumental

The opening accompaniment figure requires very careful coordination, so it’s a good
idea to rehearse that first.  Ask all singers to sing the entire four-note pattern from
the first two measures, not just their own notes.   Play the e-b-a-d-c# pattern and ask
them to repeat it on “doo” several times in rhythm (in their own octave).  Next, ask
them to sing it as written, tuning precisely: a nice, large perfect fifth and vibrant
major seconds.  When teaching the sopranos the melody, point out the d-natural in
measure 15.  It follows a d# in measure 14 and can be tricky.
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