Title: Prayer for Light        NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH GIA PUBLICATIONS!!!                           
Performance requirements: SATB chorus
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Ephrem of Edessa, fl. 4th c.
Length: 1’45”
Difficulty (1-5): 2
Ranges: sop c1-f2, alto c1-b flat2, tenor f-d1, bass F-g
Usage: General sacred, light, enlightenment, eternal life

Rehearsal Guide:  This short prayer for light and enlightenment features a homophonic
texture, stepwise voice leading, and conservative treatment of non-harmonic tones.  
Sopranos carry the melody throughout, but altos enjoy an important moving line through the
second half.

Give the sopranos a head start on the ascending interval in measure 3 and the arpeggiated
melody in measures 13-18.  Work measures 19 and 20 until the tenors and basses are
comfortable finding their entrance notes.  Now challenge your singers to sight read the
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