Title: O Come, O Come Emmanuel                  $1.65
Performance Requirements: SAB chorus
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Traditional
Length: 3'10"
Difficulty (1-5): 3
Range: sop d1-e2, alto a -g2, baritone G - e1
Usage: Advent

Rehearsal Guide:  This is an appropriate selection for a good choir that
happens to be short on men.  The rather independent nature of the vocal
lines and the innovative harmonization of the second refrain make this
piece sound more like SATB than SAB.

The first verse is pretty simple with the exception of the "Rejoice"
refrain which shifts from 2/2 into 3/4.  Teach this section and
immediately go to measure 42 and teach the contrasting refrain.  Now go
to the second verse with its new melody and let the sopranos learn it.  
Combine with the alto and baritone parts.  Verse three (measure 52) has
the baritones singing what was the alto line in measure 2, so go over the
first 15 measures again and compare them with measures 52 through 65.  
The singers should recognize the final refrain, although it has a few
changes at the end.
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