Title: A Hymn to the Virgin                               $1.65
Performance Requirements: SATB chorus, divisi
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: 13th c.
Length: 3'10"
Difficulty (1-5): 4
Range: sop b-flat - e-flat2, alto a-flat - b-flat1,
       tenor A - e-flat,  bass A - a
Usage: Concert, Marian feasts, Advent, Christmas

Rehearsal Guide: Alternating English and Latin phrases, "A Hymn to the
Virgin" pays tribute to the mother of Christ in a musical package that is as
heavy as the concepts it deals with.  This is not your ordinary Christmas
piece and there is no fluff anywhere in it.  

To begin with, the choir must be comfortable with whole tone scales; altos
and basses must be able to actually sing them.  Make sure to incorporate
whole tone scales into your warm ups.  Since the composition is
semi-antiphonal, use any sectional rehearsals to work with the men and
women separately before you put them together.  
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