Title: Clap Your Hands                                                  $1.80
Performance requirements: SATB chorus, sop solo, and
                                    organ (or chamber orchestra)

                                     Instrumental parts and full score $9.95
Composer: Ben J. Legett                
Text: Psalms 47 and 121
Length: 3’00”
Difficulty (1-5): 4
Ranges: sop f#1-d2, alto c#1-b1, tenor e-e1, bass F#-a, sop solo e1-g2
Usage: General sacred

Rehearsal Guide: Energetic and dance-like, “Clap Your Hands” combines 7/8 meter
with 6/8 to create an unapologetic outpouring of joy.  The chorus is given limited
ranges and very simple melodies, so they can concentrate on the rhythms.  In the
middle section, the extended soprano solo is a soliloquy over lush, smooth, sustained
harmonies in the organ, giving everyone a breather before the opening material
returns.  The orchestra version calls for strings, two oboes, and bassoon.

Since the chorus material is based on a regular alternation of 6/8 and 7/8, it makes
sense to start with that.  If your singers are pretty good readers, begin by rehearsing
mm10-18 until they are comfortable with it.  If your singers are less confident sight
singers, start by speaking the patterns in rhythm (all parts have the same rhythm).  You
might even need to begin with an echo pattern, asking the singers to repeat your
speech patterns.

The second section, beginning at measure 22, alternates 6/8 with 2/4.  Work the tenors
and basses (who have the same rhythms), then the sopranos, who have the melody.  
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