Title: Blessed Be the Name of the Lord                                   $1.65
Performance requirements: SATB chorus and solo
Composer:  Ben J. Legett
Text:  from the Psalms
Length: 2’00”
Difficulty (1-5): 4        
Ranges: sop f#1-f#2, alto d1-b1, tenor a1-g2, bass b-b1,
             solo d-d1 or d1-d2
Usage:  General sacred

Rehearsal Guide: This one is all about the rhythm!  (Actually, it’s all about the changing
meter, but let’s not get technical.)  It’s lively, energetic, and reminiscent of a Bernstein-
esque romp through Chichester, but with easier voice leading.  Your singers will pull their
hair out trying to get it right, then they’ll grin all the way through church.  And so will

At first, this looks like an ever changing kaleidoscope of meter changes.  But, actually it’s
a pretty regular pattern and can be quickly learned by each voice part.  Then, it’s a
matter of layering the patterns one on another.  Begin by asking everyone to clap the
meter of the first three measures: 4/4, 2/4, 7/8, with a long first beat in the 7/8.  Also
try counting it this way: One and two and three and four and One and two and One-and-uh
two and three and (keeping the eighth note constant).  Then tackle each voice part
separately.  Finally, put the layers together.

The solo in the middle section would work well for a baritone, but any clarion voice will
work.  The “blessed be the name…” phrases in the bass section (mm 38, 42, 46) should
sound like the tenor section in measure 1 even though they look different on the page.
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