Title: Angel Voices, Ever Singing                                                    $1.65     
Performance requirements: SATB chorus, soprano and baritone soli
Composer: Ben J. Legett
Text: Francis Potts
Length: 2’30”
Difficulty (1-5): 3
Ranges: Sop d1-f2, alto d1-c2, tenor f-g1, bass c-c1,
             sop solo b-flat1-f2, baritone solo c-a
Usage: General sacred

Rehearsal Guide: This is a contemplative, almost atmospheric, work that uses ostinato patterns
in the women’s (and later the men’s) voices to support the simple solo melody.  The chorus
takes the role of the singing angels while the soli tell how God delights in heavenly, as well as
earthly, music.  The middle section is in four parts; the basses have the melody here.

Work with your soloists first and make sure they know their parts.  When you are ready to put
it all together, begin with a warm-up, asking the choir to sing slowly and in unison the pattern
d-f-g on “oh”.  Then divide them into three groups: one on d, one on f, one on g, and sustain
on an “ah”.  Cue each group to start and stop at random.  Then, have all three groups sing, but
ask them to move to the next pitch in the pattern on your cue.  (The d people move to the f;
the f people move to the g; and the g people move down to the d)  By now, they have
mastered the harmonic material and should be able to hold their own with the soloists.  

For the middle section, teach the basses their melody first; work the sopranos, altos and
tenors; and put it together.  

Work the men’s section beginning at m 46.

Point out that mm 67-71 are a repeat of mm 40-45 and sing both passages.
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