Title: All Beautiful the March of Days                                                 $1.65
Performance requirements: two-part chorus (any combination) and organ
Composer: Ben J. Legett        
Text: Frances Wile and Martin Rinkart, trans. Catherine Winkworth
Length: 2’50”
Difficulty (1- 5): 2 for the choir, 3 for the organist
Ranges: choir 1, c1-f2; choir 2, e1-d2
Usage: Thanksgiving, Fall and Winter, Offertory

Rehearsal Guide: This is a very easy piece for any combination of adults, youth, and/or
children that features two well-known hymns of praise and thanksgiving: “Now Thank We All
Our God” and “All Beautiful the March of Days”.  The two tunes, Nun Danket and Forest
Green, alternate and combine over a cheerful, flowing organ part that sometimes quotes
another hymn of thanks, The Old Hundreth Psalm Tune.  There are no rhythmic difficulties,
modulations, or harmonic challenges to this one.  Each choir learns and performs only one of
the hymns, making this a good choice for antiphonal singing.

Begin by teaching each choir its hymn, then the short “Amen” at the end.  Practice each
hymn a phrase at a time with long silences between phrases, asking the singers to hold the
tune in their minds and retain tonality and pitch.  Emphasize legato technique throughout.  
Because of the diatonic, stepwise nature of the melodies, this is very good material for
teaching sight singing.  
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